0954: Animist Snare DD Main Shroom not auto attacking properly

Reported by ☆☆ Tree at Sat, 21 May 2016 19:13:49 UTC
gamemechanic bug
10 votes


The creeping path spec main shroom with Snare wont auto attack/agro properly. Compared to the normal DD shrooms, it attacks noticeably later, maybe a range issue?

Reproduction Steps

1. Create animist
2. Place said Snare DD shroom and normal shrooms
3. Look what happens when you pull a mob

Intended Behavior

The Main Snare DD shroom should attack as fast as the other DD shrooms when an enemy comes into its 1000 range.


You can quite easily see that this isnt correct behaviour


issue has been confirmed
votes (priority): 10
11 players say this report is valid, 2 disagree


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