0648: [PATCH] Classic monster models for 1.65

Reported by ☆☆ Nia at Sun, 15 May 2016 10:34:10 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Many monster and entities like gravestones do not use models that were present in 1.65, but instead are using models that were reworked or introduced at a later point in time. In 2012, I initially submitted a client patch to both Blue and Abydos, but unfortunately haven't heard back from them. I'd like for the Uthgard team to review my patch, so it hopefully can be included in the upcoming release.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go to lower DF area.
2. Notice the inquistor monster model is not correct for the 1.65 patch level.

1. Die
2. Notice the gravestone model is not correct for the 1.65 patch level.

Intended Behavior

To correct this issue my patch remaps monster ids 0 - 1395 (anything above 1395 that was added in ToA or later) to their old model, which are with a few exception still present (but unused) in the client files. There are a few exceptions on where files were replaced though:

- 2 models files (ettin and ogre) were reworked in-place sometimes after ToA.
- 152 animation files were also reworked in-place sometimes after ToA.

The original anims and figures to correct this are included in the patch. They are extraced from a ToA CD, but I don't think any significant changes have been made to them between 1.65 and ToA. To apply the model remap, put monsters.csv into gamedata.mpk with a tool like DAoCMPAKManager.

To complete a fully classic look, the server should not make user of monster ids above 1395, and from a cursory check in DF in 2012, it seems like there are a few cases where Utgard was using monster ids from newer versions. Here's a list of necessary changes I compiled for all of DF:

1700 -> 122 (Marquis Sabonach)
2038 -> 633 (deamhaness)
2039 -> 633 (deamhaness)
2119 -> 645 (Inquisitor Male)
2120 -> 646 (Inquisitor Female)
2169 -> 664 (nightmare)
2170 -> 646 (rocot)

Here's the patch: http://www.filedropper.com/oldmodels


The incorrect models should be immediately clear to anyone who played in the 1.65 and earlier era. Most noticeable in RvR is perhabs the Vendo model for which Uthgard already provides a patch. My patch of course also includes the Vendo.


issue has been confirmed
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