0056: Hib Quest "Deliver letter for Ula" in MM: reward is wrong

Reported by ☆ Fornaxx at Sat, 07 May 2016 20:43:13 UTC
worldbuild bug
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When talking to Ula in Mag Mell and accepting the quest the basic rewards are presented as an amount of XP and 5S, 47C.
When finishing the quest I received 1S, 8C. I was lvl-4 at that time.

Reproduction Steps

1. Talk to Ula in MM and accept the quest to deliver the letter.
2. Walk south to /loc 33k,35k and deliver the letter to Dirmyg.
3. Check the promised amount of coin reward with the actual received amount.

Can this be level dependant, I noticed the same with another quest but took no SS.

Intended Behavior

The promised and eventually received amount of coin reward should be the same, whichever of the two values is correct.


I cannot provide evidence for this issue, it's a matter of common sense.


issue has been confirmed
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