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4977: Experience item "Thick White Pelt" has a empty twin drop

Reported by ☆☆☆ Citybilens at Tue, 16 Nov 2021 19:56:46 UTC
worldbuild bug
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"Thick White Pelt" drop from Abdominable Snowman in Uppland drops two kinds of "Thick White Pelt". One kind is the correct exp quest item with dialogue in the delve information. The other has the exact same name and same drop message. There are other items with same name in the game, but here the sell loot drop as "a" infront of a small letter item name, where the items has "the" infront of capital letter name.

Weight and sell value is different between the two kinds of "Thick White Pelt". It does not make a difference, by which stack is at the top of inventory, so its not being put into the "wrong" stack like a MP hinge continues to be MP, because it stacks. So it is TWO different items, but with EXACT same name.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go to Uppland and kill Abdominable Snowman or Nordic Yeti
2. Kill enough of them to get two different stacks of "Thick White Pelt"
3. Click info on both kinds of item, see that they are different.

Intended Behavior

All capital letter version of this item, should be the exp item.


See chat for different sell value:
See weight and info for the real exp item:
See weight and info for the wrong/empty item:


issue is new, and needs confirmation
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