4958: Unused Arrowheads XP item drops only from rare uppercase mob

Reported by ☆☆☆ Myceliumrunning at Thu, 07 May 2020 22:21:19 UTC
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The xp loot item Unused Arrowheads is meant to drop from the tylwyth teg rovers. In 35 kills of the uppercase-named Tylwyth Teg rover (note that 'rover' is still lowercase) in Pennine to the SW of Caer Sursbrooke i got 3 Unused Arrowheads. This is pretty normal drop rate. The issue is that there's only one of these uppercase mobs there, and one or two down by Boldiam plus some isolated mobs sprinkled around the zone. I haven't checked the random spawn across the mountains, as to whether they're uppercase 'Tylwyth' or lowercase 'tylwyth' nor whether they drop this or not. Also i'm not sure about the Snowdonia spawn of the rovers, but there are at least a dozen lowercase-named 'tylwyth teg rovers' SW of Surs which do not drop it as they should:
In 233 kills of this lowercase 'tylwyth teg rover' mob last night and today i got zero Unused Arrowheads.

Also the dialogue with the quest giver NPC Samwell Hornly in Cotswold does not proceed whether i click on the word 'certain' or /say or /whisper it to him. He did hand out experience to my lvl 45 Paladin when handed these despite a message saying he doesn't want the items.

Finally it appears that for Uthgard's target patch level the NPC should be Yetta Fletcher not Samwell Hornly.

Reproduction Steps

1. Kill uppercase 'Tylwyth Teg rover' and lowercase 'tylwyth teg rover'
2. Former will drop XP loot while latter will not drop them.
3. Turn in to Samwell instead of Yetta, get xp but receive message that he doesn't want them.

Intended Behavior

After using the Wayback Machine on webarchive, i've noticed that there was a change in which NPC is meant to ask for these and give out xp. Both Samwell Hornly and Yetta Fletcher are in Cotswold, though, so it doesn't matter much to me whether Yetta (the original) is implemented or Samwell (there's a gap in captures between 2005 and 2018 during which it went from Yetta to Samwell as the NPC offering this kill task.)

All 'tylwyth teg rovers' whether upper or lower case should drop these. It is clear from the way the original dialogue was written, in which both forms are used. Maybe there should only be one mob type, but it should be easy to add the item to the lower case mob's drop table and leave it there.

Also whichever NPC asks for these should be made to continue the dialogue properly, and not result in an error message while accepting them.


NPC Samwell Hornly mentioned in 2018:
Yetta Fletcher in 2002:

I didn't find older indications of the lowercase name 'tylwyth teg' as the dialogue was not added to the description on the ZAM page until after 1.65 went live, and the mob page and link show the uppercase name. On Uthgard there are level differences between the uppercase and lowercase mobs: The uppercase mob has a higher minimum level at which it spawns in Pennine Mountains, at least. These could be standardised or left topsy-turvy, adding character. But all must drop the xp loot or it's essentially a frustration trap.


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