4953: Midgard Kill task Frozen Teardrop: NPC bad dialog

Reported by ☆☆☆ Nanosolo at Fri, 27 Mar 2020 18:36:08 UTC
worldbuild bug
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The NPC Dail (in Huginfell, Midgard) ask for an item from Hibernia.

Reproduction Steps

1.Speak to Dail at lvl 40-45, he ask you for an item in Hibernia.

2. Go kill some (a lot...) of Wintery dirges, until you get a Frozen Teardrop.
3. Bring the Frozen Teardrop to Dail. He accept the item with the right dialog this time.

Intended Behavior

Give Dail the correct dialog when we interact with him.


Read carefully explanations above. This is self-explanatory


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