4941: Errors in dialog for Warm Fire Ant Larva

Reported by ☆☆ Phosphore at Wed, 20 Nov 2019 06:04:28 UTC
worldbuild bug
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There are mistakes in dialogs for kill task "Warm Fire Ant Larva"

The dialogs are for a quest on Hibernia.

Reproduction Steps

1. Speak to Seiml in Fort Veldon at level < 21, the dialog is the one you should have when the quest is available
2. Speak to Seiml when level is in range [21-30], you're called Bard
3. Speak to Seiml when level > 30 or task finished, Seiml tell you nothing.

Intended Behavior

When in level range [21-30] and you haven't given the 15 Warm Fire Ant Larva, ther dialog should be :

##Seiml says, "%%ClassName%%! I am so grateful you have arrived! May I have just [a moment] of your time?"
[02:13:44] ##Seiml says, "I am almost out of my supply of my fire ant larva. You see I use them to create my bright royal colors. I do not have the time or the will to travel deep within the fire to obtain these larva. I fear that if I do not receive help soon I shall have to remove the [royal dyes] from my inventory."
##Seiml says, "Yes, the larvas I use are a special type. They are larvas that are still alive and warm. If they are not in this state they are worthless to me. My usual supplier has taken ill and cannot venture into the fire to obtain them. Should someone be able to obtain these warm fire ant larva from the fire ant gatherers I would be quite pleased."

When giving a Warm Fire Ant Larva:
##Seiml says, "Thank you %%CharacterName%%! If given a few more of these, I may be able to stay in business a bit longer."

When not in level range [21-30] and you haven't given the 15 Warm Fire Ant Larva:
@@Seiml says, "You are looking quite well %%ClassName%%. How can I be of service?"


Live logs : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RX1A2jOeJyO2b_nJ9AqY0tSnzK7Dz4Ro


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