4937: Kill Task/XP Loot Vial of Ice Water Broken

Reported by ☆☆ Pest at Thu, 31 Oct 2019 07:56:16 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Recently more Kill Task/XP Loot quests added to game. One on the list was for Vial of Ice Water which drops from Frost Giants and is turned into the npc Beni in VF upstairs. Now the item drops fine, Frost Giants drop Vial of Ice Water in addition to a regular "Ice Water" item which is for a different quest. When you take the item to Beni he has no dialogue save his normal merchant window and clicking the Vial of Ice Water on him results in message "Beni does not want that item"; no reward of xp is given. The quest is currently inoperative. Test conducted with level 35 character, the level range on this kill task is shown to be 31 to 37 per the item delve.

Reproduction Steps

1. Take character level 31-37 and farm frost giants to obtain "Vial of Ice Water"
2. Read the delve on the item "Vial of Ice Water" and go to Beni in VF upstairs.
3. Attempt to turn in the item to him and see that he has no quest dialogue, will not accept item/reward for it.

Intended Behavior

Ensure that quest is setup properly, Beni has proper dialogue relating to his desire to recieve "Vial of Ice Water" and that he will accept the item turn in and provide xp reward.

Dialogue should go as thus:

Beni, skill supplies merchant in Vindsaul Faste, needs some ice water.

Beni says, "I am in short supply of my [ice water]. I use it while making my asterite bars."

Beni says, "I know, everyone else thinks I'm a bit dense. I can't just use any ice water. I must use the ice water from a snow giant. It has a magical property that allows me to craft my bars in half the normal time. If someone were able to slay a few of these snow giants and gather its water in a vial I could get back on track."





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