4930: [Alb] Drop, Scepter of Intellect droprate is too high

Reported by ★ Carnalismo at Fri, 27 Sep 2019 07:06:44 UTC
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I have been killing monsters in Avalon Marsh with a few different characters, and gotten 5 scepters.

Reproduction Steps

1. Take a lvl 15-20 char, go to Avalon Marsh.
2. Kill ghouls, mud men, quicksands etc, get a bunch of scepters.

Intended Behavior

Well this is supposed to be a very rare drop, at least 1/1000.

This is backup up by the discussion here:

Also, to quote the Mythic Grab Bag:

"2006-06-16 18:32:44 - Grab Bag
Q: Does the Scepter of Intellect still drop off the upgraded mobs in Avalon Marsh? It's a level 15ish item, but the mobs have been upgraded.
A: We sometimes overlook a few drops when we upgrade an area, so I'm always glad to check. The forest smugglers and trackers both have the chance to drop the item, more tracker than smuggler, but it's a hell of a rare drop either way."

"hell of a rare drop" .. say no more.


The droprate MIGHT be correct, but i think not since i have 5 of these spread out on my toons lvling like 3 lvls in Avalon Marsh. The drop is not rare, its more common than plat drops from ghould for an example, at least in my case.


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