4919: Sometimes game fails calculating the range of the spell

Reported by ★ Storytime at Sun, 25 Aug 2019 07:21:54 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Sometimes in PvE with my caster standing without moving, happened to me with different classes, and the mob not moving either I start casting the spell and at the moment that my character is going to launch the spell to the mob I get the message "The target is too far away".

Reproduction Steps

1. Make any caster class that can cast a spell to a mob.
2. Look for a mob to attack.
3. Close the distance until your caster can start casting without getting the message "The target is too far away". This happens at the max range limit but not always.

Intended Behavior

The game should show "The target is too far away" from the start and not let you do all the animation to the end and then show that message.


Don't know what evidence is needed, is a game mechanic known since this game exists


issue is new, and needs confirmation
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