4894: Necromancer Pet PBAOE is broken

Reported by ☆ Tjall at Sun, 07 Apr 2019 10:31:25 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Same as Issue 4885. (Which is solved. but it is back)

since at 1 days i experience the problem, that the Necromancer Pet PBAOE Spell (Servant Line) doesnt work anymore. When you try to cast this Spell, the Pet doesnt start to cast it. Instead, the Pet stops doing anything. It wont move anymore, nore am i able to cast another spell. Pet is just freezed.

The only way i found to get out of this trap is to set pet on passive. Then Pet moves again and i can cast other spells. Trying to cast the AE Spell freezes Pet again.

Reproduction Steps

1. Login with Necromancer with at least enough Points in Servant Line to get first PBAOE Spell (Channeled Anger) or higher
2. Cast Pet
3. Try to cast the AE Spell
4. See what happens

Intended Behavior

I dont know how this bug can be fixed, but plz just restore how it was before, so that the Necromancer can use his AE Spell again. Thank you very much!

I stole above texts from issue 4885. Thanks whoever wrote it :p


No evidence needed. Just try it. it doesn't work..


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