4889: Casting wait timer set to 2 millions seconds

Reported by Lesnark at Fri, 15 Mar 2019 07:50:35 UTC
gamemechanic bug


All of a sudden, my necro char wait timer for next spell became more than 2 million seconds. When it happened, I had a pet summoned. The pet was able to cast normally, but all shouts (cast by the necro, not the pet) end up in "You must wait 2142344 seconds to cast a spell!".
Once pet was released, wasn't able to resummon one, cause it asks to wait to cast summon... Suicide didn't fix it. Loggin out didn't fix. Changing zone didn't fix. Still stuck with this timer.

Reproduction Steps

Just cast? No idea how to reproduce the bug else than pure randomness.

Intended Behavior

Casting time reference should never desync... can't think of anything else to say...


Couldn't find traces of this bug by google searching... it's obviously play killing : 2 million seconds roughly = 20 rl days...


Issue is a duplicate: #4890
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