4864: Game near unplayable with Win. 10 Update KB4100347 installed

Reported by ☆☆ Sariel at Mon, 19 Nov 2018 16:11:30 UTC
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I have gathered more information and narrowed down the problem to a singular update. The old Issue has been closed.

After installing Windows 10 update KB4100347 the following problem occurs:

The FPS drop from 120 (or 60) to up to 0.

The severity of the FPS drop is proportional to:
[Mouse Velocity] x [Mouse polling rate].

Here a list of affected CPUs and additional infomation regarding update KB4100347:

KB4100347: Intel microcode update


My CPU, as an example: intel i7-4790K @4.00GHz

I can provide video evidence on request.

This behaviour is only observed in DaoC Uthgard.
I can not reproduce it in any other game - some tests: FFXIV, FFXV, League of Legends, Browser Flash Games, Warcraft 3, etc...

Reproduction Steps

1. Install an affected CPU
2. Install the update
3. Open DaoC Uthgard
4. Move your mouse in circles - fast
5. Observe stuttering / FPS drop

Intended Behavior

Intended Behaviour: Mouse movement should not affect in-game FPS.

How to fix: I don't have insights into CPU microcode, or how it responds to DaoC.


Should be self evident. This bug appears and disappears with the mentioned update.


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