4863: Shots fired via Volley not penetrating blade turn Hib

Reported by ★★ Manos at Mon, 19 Nov 2018 15:32:20 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Per patch notes 1.62 shots fired via volley should penetrate blade turn. They do not, at least when fired from a Hib ranger. I can't comment on other realms.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get Volley on a Ranger
2. Fire volley at targets with blade turn.
3. Note message saying blade turn blocked the shot

Intended Behavior

All shots fired via volley should penetrate blade turn. There is no percent chance of this happening mentioned in the patch note. It just says that volley should penetrate.


Here is a Volley log excerpt from my ranger...

[14:32:54] You are ready to fire!
[14:32:55] Your shot arcs into the sky!
[14:32:55] You prepare to unleash a volley of arrows!
[14:32:55] You prepare to fire. (1s to fire)
[14:32:55] You are not ready to shot the arcs in the sky.
[14:32:55] Your strike was absorbed by a magical barrier!
[14:32:55] You miss!

Here is info on correct behavior:

- Archers receive Penetrating Arrow based on their specialization in their particular Bow skill. They get Penetrating Arrow 1 at 30th spec, Penetrating Arrow 2 at 40th spec, and Penetrating Arrow 3 at 50th spec. Lower levels of PA do less damage by not fully penetrating the bladeturn. The highest level of PA does normal damage.

- Additionally, Longshot and Volley penetrate ALL Bladeturns, regardless of who cast them.

http://camelotherald.wikia.com/wiki/Pat ... rsion_1.62


Issue is a duplicate: #4245
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