4860: Scythe "Thorny Shield" Skill overwrites Baseline DMG Shield

Reported by ☆ Validus at Fri, 09 Nov 2018 23:36:45 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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By using the After-Parry-Skills of Scythe "Thorny Shield" it will buff the Player a Dmg Shield. It will overwrite the existing Baseine Dmg Shield and run out fast. After 30 seconds it will run out, and all Dmg Shields are gone.

See also Bug #2390.

It must be valid. Why should this be wanted!?

Reproduction Steps

1. Cast Baseline Dmg Shield on yourself
2. Parry an attack and start After-Parry-Chain-Skills
3. Skill Thorny Shield will cast a Dmg Shield on Player
4. Baseline Dmg Shield will be overwritten
5. 30 Seconds later no Dmg Shield is left

Intended Behavior

System should detect allready existing dmg Shields and fail to set it on player then.


It must be valid. Why should this be wanted!? Nobody would use these skills anymore. It has no advantage.


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