4794: Learn the Hunt quest broke when I only turned in oneclaw

Reported by ☆ Kodio at Sat, 21 Jul 2018 20:28:20 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Not paying enough attention to the quest, which asked me to kill black mauler cubs for their claws, as soon as I got one I went to the quest giver (Aegan in Mularn) and turned it in. But he wanted 5 claws. I have now killed a ton of black mauler cubs and they won't drop the claw. I have done this quest on 4 other toons and I know they drop the claw every kill, so I just broke it.

Reproduction Steps

1. Accept the quest.
2. Get fewer than 5 claws and go turn them in to Aegan
3. Mobs stop dropping quest item once one has been turned in.

Intended Behavior

Well, the game should check that someone is still on the quest and hasn't gotten 5 claws before stopping the mobs from dropping them.


Uh, well, the mobs stopped dropping the item, that makes it a bug, right?


issue was resolved by Gnome
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