4787: Prismatic Shield Bugged

Reported by ★★ Hanna at Wed, 27 Jun 2018 09:12:23 UTC
worldbuild bug
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My Shield slam are doing 1 damage with this shield equiped.
The Con on the item drops very rapidly.

Reproduction Steps

1. Have a Prismatic Shield
2. Try it
3. I was a lvl 47 Paladin at the time, and the proc works fine around 82 damage

Intended Behavior

I have no idea on how to un-bug this item, i dont udnerstand where the bug comes from in the first place, its not the level since its lvl 50 and cons orange to me and the proc is lvl 47. The speed is 4.6, it should do a lot of damage. I did 30 shield slams and the con dropped to 91%.


Screenshot of issue, and shield quality drops rapidly (92% on screenshot)


issue was resolved by Gnome
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