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4782: Pets moving through doors in keeps + not attacked by guards

Reported by ☆☆☆ Spymistress at Wed, 20 Jun 2018 10:12:44 UTC
gamemechanic bug
23 votes


Pets - such as SM pets, Enchanter pets, any kind of charmed pet, Theurg pets are able to:
1. freely move through keep doors
2. DO NOT get attacked by any keep guard (including the lord). The only time a keep guard will respond is if the pet attacks them. Essentially it seems like the keep guard is treating the pet as neutral.

Reproduction Steps

1. Create pet class
2. Attend a keep take
3. Send pet to someone inside the keep OR wait until attacked with pet on defensive OR put pet on aggresive and pet will attack someone on other sides of walls/keep doors (they will path through the door most of the time but can travel through walls)
4. Pet receive group heal, can have focus shield attached, can be healed by pet owner (such as enchanter, spirit master, cabalist)
5. Enjoy rps for abusing pet.

Intended Behavior

Stop pets traveling through doors/walls and any object that a player cannot get through. An exception should be made for animist bombers, as these are really pets, just a DD/root.


Staff have stated this behaviour is not allowed and also have mentioned they have put measures in place to stop it. I don't know the details of these measures but they don't appear to be working.

Staff posted numerous times on this thread:

Rajnish: "Pets found to be beyond the zone wall attacking mobs or players WILL be considered bug abusing."

Rajnish: "If you are in doubt "or if know" your pet placement creates a un-targetable,un-reachable and un-killable pet" - focus here on unkillable pet (one sent through wall/door with focus shield and healed safely outside of keep)

Abydos: "In summary, you should never intentionally place your pets anywhere you can't walk to yourself. It's a pretty good indicator that what you're doing is BS. I would generally call that "common sense" but as I grow older I learn that it isn't so common."

Abydos: "Don't try to argue about solid objects, it's useless. It is clear that is a solid object."

Trishin: "It is very clear what is a rule violation: Can you walk to where your pet / shroom is? No, then you risk a bug abuse ban.

And yes, this applies to all pet users

Now, let's just be honest here. There is a VAST difference in bugabuse that is intentional and accidental. A pet that paths oddly and ends up inside the keep courtyard, is less of a critical bugabuse than a player that intentionally tries to push his pet inside the keep courtyard or places his shrooms where players can't access them." <-- note Trishin underestimating the abuse of pet owners at keeps. It's pretty obvious when your pet is hitting someone inside a keep or that your pet has plainly walked through a door to get to them. It's also very obvious to the player being killed that he is completely powerless to do anything about it as the pet is healed, not attacked by guards and may have a focus shield if it's an enchanter pet or cabalist pet.

Abydos: "Solid objects are solid. If you can't play without cheating, this isn't the right server for you."

Abydos: "As far as pets and doors, we already have a pathing solution that does factor in doors, but it is not perfect. You can visit the tracker to upvote any bugs there." <-- it's not working I'm afraid. I hope you can fix it. Here is the post for it!


issue has been assigned to Blue
priority: 23
10 players say this report is valid, 1 disagrees


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