4768: uthgard launcher only goes to download site. no reset for it

Reported by Hanshi at Mon, 04 Jun 2018 05:36:29 UTC
website bug
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i made new account,downloaded/patched client. Dl'd the uthgard launcher. it set the link back to the download site. i have tried to delete cookies uninstall re install etc. but it will not reset always goes to the client download page. I have tried this with 3 dif accounts to see if that made a dif..no joy.

Reproduction Steps

set the uthgard launcher to the client dl site? then try to launch game

Intended Behavior

i need to know where/how to change the launchers setting from the dl site to the correct exe of the game..or to 100% remove it so when i reinstall launcher i can make sure that it points to the correct exe..after many tries it will not totally uninstall.


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