4764: salvage items give wrong amount of material since fix

Reported by ☆ Wilbeth at Fri, 01 Jun 2018 21:37:04 UTC
worldbuild bug


Since your 'material fixes' some salvage items give less amount of material related to live. for example the leather robes of moorlichs should give 89 runed leather instead of 36. moorlich cloth robes should give 101 nightshade instead of 54. Danaoin warpicks should give 149 asterite instead of 89 (bug since beginning of uthgard). I think the list is as long as your list of items with material fixes.

the problem is evil, cause items can be worth only 1/3 of the correct value.

Reproduction Steps

1. Log in to the test server of Mythic.
2. Try to get every high level salvage item (hard work).
3. salvage them and check the values.

Intended Behavior

I don't know if there is a formula to fetch the right values, but just to switch mat level from 10 to 8 is not enough and a therefor a huge bug!

Another option is to revert anything back to the situation when you messed up material levels / amounts, which I would prefer, because it's logical.

And for the future please don't fix problems in the item database by running scripts, this make things only worse.


I can't provide links to any source cause I never found a list of salvage values.
The only way to proove it is to test it on live or testserver of Mythic.


Issue was invalid:
Gathered item data contradicts this report. No evidence or sources have been provided.
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