4753: Speedbug: Song of Travel in Hadrians Wall doesnt work

Reported by ☆ Alpenbruder at Fri, 25 May 2018 13:22:16 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Skaldspeed Song of Travel doesn't affect all and sometimes anyone across all our RVR groups in Hadrians wall between Midgard Telekeep and up to junction Caer Benowyc.

First noted on Monday, 21 May and occurs since then on most runs after leaving MTK.

Occurs across all our groups and group members (we run 2-5 every evening)
Speedlost occurs either the whole route or randomly drops partially on the way (yes we are properly sticked ;) )

Happens on Skalds for sure, Runemaster- and Healer-Speed not reported in our groups.

Occurs for sure if when enemies are on the map as well (~20 shrooms setup yesterday at Beno)

Reproduction Steps

Get a group in our Ally-RVR after 8 PM CET or

1. Log your Skald + port Hadrians Wall
2. activate Song of travel
3. Leave MTK and head for Beno junction

Intended Behavior

We think it's a bug within the zone/map and ONLY occurs on the above mentioned route.

Since the server hasn't been rebooted for quite some time, the issue might disappear after a new start.


Daily issue will be confirmed by any member playing in any guild of the alliance of Walgrinds Waechter who participated in grouped RVR after 8 PM NET this week.


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