4749: Nightshade unable to use staffs

Reported by ☆ Sneakymali at Thu, 24 May 2018 18:34:06 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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In the specializations tab for the nightshade it lists the abilities for a nightshade. Those abilities include blades, pierce, and staves. When I try to equip a staff in my two handed slot I get the message "You have no skill in using this weapon type." In version 1.65 nightshades should get the ability to use a staff.

Reproduction Steps

1. Make a nightshade in Hibernia
2. Try to equip a staff
3. Get error message saying that nightshade and no skill in using this weapon type.

Intended Behavior

Allow nightshades to equip staffs if they so choose to go that route. A link to the nightshades specializations. http://camelotherald.wikia.com/wiki/Nightshade


Create a nightshade and try to equip a staff. Not possible when it clearly states that this is a weapon type they specialize in.


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