4745: Skald 43 Epic broken - no amulet from geyra

Reported by Abstemius at Sat, 19 May 2018 07:32:47 UTC
worldbuild bug
0 confirmations


Geyra for 43 epic skald quest was killed from me and a 47 skald, he got the amulet i didnt get any, cant finish epic quest

Reproduction Steps

1. take quest and go to yggdra camp - be lvl 43
2. kill geyra and see which drops you got
3. you didnt get the amuluet, although you got the epic quest

Intended Behavior

Geyra should drop the amulet, i get the amulet in my inventory



i got the quest, i killed the mob and ther is no amulet


issue is new, and needs confirmation
requires 3 more confirmations
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