4742: Notification of cap on second craft

Reported by Maleficente at Sun, 13 May 2018 21:45:04 UTC
gamemechanic bug


When crafting as a weaponcrafter, I found I was capped at 75% of my main armorcrafting. I did not know this until asking others. I wasted money. Please give a notification of the fact there is a 75% cap or that you need to get your main craft higher to proceed.

Reproduction Steps

1. I am at 334 armorcraft, 250 weapon craft, You may be able to recreate this much smaller. I am told it is at 75% of your main craft. I am armorcraft.
2. choose armorcraft
3. after leveling this somewhat, start leveling the weaponcrafting. Get to 75% of the level of armorcrafting.

Intended Behavior

There should be a notification telling the crafter they are at their 75% cap.


I am new to Uthgard, but I am sure the developers already know of crafting caps. I have no screenshots.


Issue was invalid:
Implementation is correct already.
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