4731: Cleric mobs in hoc are spamhealing themself if caster hurt

Reported by ☆ Mithradia at Mon, 30 Apr 2018 01:58:19 UTC
worldbuild bug
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The cleric mobs in hall of corruption start to cast a selfheal spam when the caster (sorc) falls under 50% hp. When the pet is hurt it doesnt heal itself except the caster is also under 50%. Pretty annoying is when you have add and u fall down under 50% the pet doesnt attack anymore it spamms heals to himself which doesnt help. Doesnt matter if passive or neutral.

Reproduction Steps

1. Charm that mob
2. Fall under 40 or 50% hp (the caster self).
3. You could also pull mob and it hits you down then the pet tries to spam heal itself with full hp.

Intended Behavior

It should heal the caster not himself and if it is neutral or I click attack it should attack not heal.

If the mob is meant to heal itself then it just should heal itself when it loses hp not the caster.


Logic :D Makes no sense that it heals himself when caster is hurt. All classic mobs heal the caster some rare themself but not the caster. This one mix both. Low hp caster = selfheal pet.


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