4709: [crafting-fletching] can't craft "duskwood heavy shod staff"

Reported by ☆ Vezicul at Sun, 15 Apr 2018 06:07:03 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Hello !
like i say in the title i can't craft that duskwood heavy shod staff (995). Ihave the mats (arca/tempered/duskwood), the tools( the mighty 3tools set), the skill (1050 fletching / woodworking 1043 / clothworking 1019 / leathercrafting 1023 / metalworking 1016 ), free slot in inventory (why not ?!) and i already craft some for a friend maybe 2 or 3 month ago

i can craft all other fletching stuff, but not this one.

no message appear anywhere when i try to say : no, or : you require that skill ...

I ask a friend to craft one for me, he can't craft that specific staff too.

Reproduction Steps

1. get a legendary fletcher
2. put the duskwood heavy shod staff macro in your bar
3. click on it and see :)

Intended Behavior

i'm sure you gyz will find a mighty feature for this !
in adavance, thank you !


i can't add anything cause nothing happen ! when i press the macro to craft that staff, no message appear anywhere, so no pics sorry :(


issue was resolved by Abydos
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