4705: Semi-Ethereal Robe (hib) does not proc heal in Rvr

Reported by ☆ Tienef at Thu, 12 Apr 2018 10:35:11 UTC
worldbuild bug


Wearing the Semi-Ethereal Robe (Hib Dragon drop), I have noticed :
- the heal has a chance to proc when attacked by a mob or my pet (as a mentalist)
- the heal NEVER procs when attacked by an ennemy player

I don't have any other heal proc loot to determine if it's a game mechanism bug on every heal proc items or if it's specific to the Semi-Ethereal robe.

To provide further proof, I should provide a video of an ennemy player melee hitting me for many times in a row and check that no heal proc happens, but I don't know if planning an encounter with an ennemy - even for test purposes - is legit ?

Reproduction Steps

1. Wear the Semi-Ethereal Robe (hib)
2. Get a lot of melee hit from an ennemy player
3. Note the heal proc never happens

Intended Behavior

Allow the heal proc on Semi-Ethereal Robe to proc in Rvr, and not only against mob


I couldn't find a proof that says the Dragon dropped robe should work in Rvr and not only in Pve. But I couldn't find a proof either that ANY proc has ever worked in pve only.


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