4701: Crafting master shouldn't give tasks for item you can't make

Reported by ☆ Weyland at Mon, 09 Apr 2018 06:41:10 UTC
gamemechanic bug


When getting handed a task from your armorsmiths/weaponsmiths/etc masters they should only give you a task that you have the necessary skill to complete. Yesterday I experienced getting a task for an item that required a skill of 430-something in metalworking. My metalworking was at zero.

Reproduction Steps

1. Create a armorsmith.
2. Skill up making tacuil armor (gloves, boots, sleeves) and you only get points in leatherworking and clothworking.
3. At skill 300 or above, try getting a task and you might get one that requires you to make a piece of osnadurtha armor, even though you have no skill points in metalworking and thus unable to complete the task.

Intended Behavior

On giving tasks, perform a check of skill requirements vs. the task receiver's skill levels for that particular item.


I have included a screenshot here:



Issue was invalid:
This behavior is livelike. Even items that aren't available in skill list are offered on live if they are above the next level up barrier
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