4671: xp loot item "Red Eye"

Reported by ☆☆ Pendalith at Sat, 17 Mar 2018 21:53:49 UTC
worldbuild bug
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xp loot item "Red Eye" not implemented from IceStrider Interceptor

"Kkor Borson is researching the red eyes from Icestrider Interceptors to discover the secrets of sight. Seek him out in Jordheim."
lvl 48 received 270,000,000exp per red eye.

xp loot item "Red Eye" Item Info Description;
(Kkor Borson is researching the red eyes from icestrider interceptors to discover the secrets of sight. Seek him out at Jordheim. Minimum Level: 47 Maximum Level: 49 )

True xp loot reward to be determined by staff.

Reproduction Steps

1. Acquire the "Red Eye" from Icestrider Interceptor in either Raumarik or Uppland.

2. Delve item info


Intended Behavior

Add xp loot item info/story.
Assign true xp reward values for lvs 47,48,49 turn in values. Small coin reward suggested.
If NPC is not implemented perhaps reassign to another and adjust info or add Kkor Borson,


The proof I can bring that this xp loot item "Red Eye" is indeed intended in classic and is a bug is the fact that is labeled in capital letters as an xp loot turn in item. Although some of the classic xp items may not have appropriate matching npcs I hope this can be overcome.
I believe my proposed solution is correct because of research submitted and my own personal belief that these xp loot items very much help the player base and server. Thank you for you're time.


issue has been assigned to Abydos
priority: 6
4 players say this report is valid, 0 disagree


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