4661: Legalia (HPK porter) in Odins will not port

Reported by ★ Simsing at Fri, 09 Mar 2018 23:01:00 UTC
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The porter within Hibernia Portal Keep (Legalia) in Odin's Gate is not porting. When clicked, she responds with "Please don't disturb me", but neither does she port, nor does the timer dialogue actually change. This effected the relic raid yesterday, while retrieving a relic, and we were forced to take it through Summoner's Hall. Midgard, however, was able to bring the relic straight from Hadrian's to Uppland via porter without going through SH, as we observed through /relic.

Reproduction Steps

1. Stand on the portal pad in HPK/Odin's Gate with any medallion on.
2. Wait for port
3. Continue waiting for port. It will not happen.

Intended Behavior

Legalia is supposed to perform a porting ritual every 3 minutes during US prime time, as she always has every night. She is also in the wrong location.




As referred to in the snapshots given, I had my medallion of Hibernia medallion of passage equipped and stood next to Legalia on the portal pad from 5:46 to 5:58 did not experience a portal.

As I type this, my character is still standing on the portal and has not ported. As you can also see, the timer never moved from "Please don't disturb me" in her dialogue.

This issue is very similar to Tracker Issues:

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issue was resolved by Genjiro
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