4656: Theurgist earth pets attacked master

Reported by ☆ Deoran at Sun, 04 Mar 2018 11:13:10 UTC
gamemechanic bug


After having summoned several Supreme Earth Elementals to attack the inner door of Caer Boldiam yesterday, which was held by Hibernia, they left the door alone and then attacked me until they expired. I was resurrected twice and they continued to attack me after each resurrection until they expired after 1 minute duration.

Reproduction Steps

1. Set Caer Boldiam to be owned by Hibernia
2. Set outer door to zero health
3. Send Earth elemental pets to attack inner door

Intended Behavior

Examine server logs to trace what happened and determine which variable value combinations cause this issue. Determine whether any of those variable values were set incorrectly and then fix the root cause which set the incorrect value(s).


Theurgists should not be attacked by his or her own pets according to normal behaviour of pets.


Issue was invalid:
Realm ability "Sever The Tether" turns pets on their owners.
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