4640: Seek the Moonstone - I lost the collar and cant hound-speak

Reported by ☆ Eluisha at Wed, 28 Feb 2018 18:21:38 UTC
worldbuild bug


I spoke to Duana in the " Seek the Moonstone" quest and it did not update my quest log. I relogged and now I do not have the quest item to speak with the hounds as directed. Meave will not give me another collar and the hounds do not respond to /say the moonstone as I have found was once patched into the live servers for this exact reason.

Reproduction Steps

1. speak with Meave to get the quest item i.e. the hound collar
2. destroy/loose the quest item
3. attempt to speak with either Edan or Duana per quest log step #11

Intended Behavior

allow player to interact with Edan or Duana by /say the moonstone or allow them the ability to get more than one collar if they lost it.


Try spending 2 hours searching google archives for keywords/phrases to interact with the quest NPC Meave or the npc's Edan or Duana or just have a dev jump to this step in the quest line, destroy the collar, and then continue to finish step #11. Neither will yield the desired result of moving on to the next step of killing Tracker.


Issue was invalid:
Please appeal to have items restored. Take care not to destroy quest items.
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