4637: Duid Pets lynx/matriarch damage type reversed

Reported by ★ Kamikaze at Fri, 23 Feb 2018 06:14:16 UTC
worldbuild bug
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I noticed that when summoning a "lynx matriarch" and "wolf patriarch" that when attacking something weak to say pierce for example the "isalf forayer" which wears chain that instead of the wolf pet doing bonus damage it does negative damage and the lynx does bonus damage, you can confirm that something is wrong by switching to a blade weapon and doing negative damage when the lynx is doing bonus damage on the same mob.

Reproduction Steps

1. summon a lynx or wolf.
2. attack a mob that is either weak or resistant to slash or pierce.
3. notice that the lynx is doing pierce damage or wolf is doing slash.

Intended Behavior

it can be fixed by changing all wolf pet damage types to pierce and all lynx pet damage types to slashing.


Unfortunately, I couldn't find a source but it's a well known fact that druid pet lynx should do slashing and wolf should do piercing damage.


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