4617: Hunter Pet Attacked Means Enemy Pet Discover Hunter

Reported by ★★ Hanna at Fri, 09 Feb 2018 17:08:41 UTC
gamemechanic bug


I was in Abermenai lvl 21 hunter with 15 in stealth.
I was stealthed.
I put my pet on the bridge in aggro mode and in stay mode.
A group of pet owner came on the bridge and my pet attacked them.
I was too far away to give orders to my pet.
I was moving further away from the group while stealthed.
Once my pet died, the cabalist pet, which was attacking my pet, started running towards me.
I was as far away as you can see in the screenshot from the door.
I Unstealthed from frustration and died.

Reproduction Steps

1. Have a hunter (stealther + pet owner) and an enemy melee pet owner.
2. Have the hunter be in stealth mode far away enough not to be able to give orders to his pet.
3. Have the pet be in stay/aggro modes
4. Have the enemy pet fight the hunter pet
5. Upon killing the hunter pet, the enemy pet will run toward the stealther, even if the stealther is very far away.

Intended Behavior

If the hunter pet attacks an enemy pet, the enemy pet should not have knowledge of the hunter's position.
This means that the hunter pet attacking a target should not put the hunter into engagement (combat).


no evidence, it is just impossible that it would be the case


Issue is a duplicate: #3942
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