4602: Noble Arcane Sword has only 3 dps instead of 16.1 dps

Reported by Bonebuffs at Mon, 29 Jan 2018 10:34:33 UTC
worldbuild bug
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In the Halls of the Corrupt dungeon Lord Gildas drops the Noble Arcane Sword but it only has 3.0 dps instead of 16.1 dps. If you compare this level item with the Noble Arcane Rapier it will be seen that the Rapier has 16.1 dps as well as the Noble Arcane Spear from this boss. The sword is bugged and does not have the proper dps value for patch level 1.65.

Reproduction Steps

1.Check the Noble Arcane Sword from Lord Gildas in Halls of the Corrupt.

Intended Behavior

The Noble Arcane Sword should be updated to reflect the proper DPS values for an item of this quality and level.


I have posted the screen shots as evidence below so that the Noble Arcane Rapier can be seen to have the wrong value for DPS as compared to the Noble Arcane Rapier of the same quality and level. I have tested out the weapon and it does not do much damage at all for the level of the item so this is not just a visual bug or value display bug but an actual issue with the swords usability due to the wrong DPS value.



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