4599: Drop rate change in Coruscating mine .........

Reported by ☆ Boltfish at Fri, 26 Jan 2018 16:00:19 UTC
worldbuild bug


Farming Gemclickers in CM .. I keep written track of drops/ per mob.. It appears that the drop rate for claws/ sword drops has lessened by 50% .. Is this due to last patch ?

Reproduction Steps

1. Farm Gemclickers.
2. If the drop rate of swords is less than 1 / 10 mobs it is broken
3. Now it is 1/20 mobs or worse.

Intended Behavior

Increaswe drop rate of drop.. to return to original drop rate.


rtecord keepeing on drops for 3 weeks. After keeping track of all the drops and writing them down, there is a significant lowering of the drop rate of the Gem Encrusted Claw by nearly 50 % ...


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