4564: Missing Loot: " Goblin Quarterstaff"

Reported by ★★ Hanna at Tue, 02 Jan 2018 23:17:40 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Have been farming Tepok for a while and never got to loot that item, which supposedly should loot. See source:http://camelot.allakhazam.com/item.html?citem=3018

However, I have seen in the loot table on ZAM of all of Tepok's mobs that this item is not included.

I think this item should be included.

Reproduction Steps

1. Check loot table of Tepok mobs for this "Goblin Quarterstaff"
2. Realize it is missing
3. Or farm for hours and find out for yourself

Intended Behavior

In the source it says:
"Dropped by either plain goblins, goblin crawlers, and goblin watchers, that are behind the "stage" but before Tepok himself. "
It is an item, which has been commented on in 2003.
The stats should be:
8.1 DPS, 90 Qual, 10 Bonus, 3 Speed.
2 staff, 1 rejuv, 1 enhance, 9 dex




issue is new, and needs confirmation
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