4554: Friar Trainer in Camelot doesnt give new robes

Reported by ☆ Innocent at Mon, 18 Dec 2017 23:58:08 UTC
worldbuild bug


Hello my issue is the following one:

I played a fresh new friar last few days, i get the first robe level 5 but the trainer in camelot ( i tried the two trainers in camelot) doesnt give a new robes as he should at lvl 10/15/20

Reproduction Steps

1. Get a friar level 10/15/20
2. destroy the first Robes of the novice level 5
3. Try to get a new robes at Camelot's city trainers

Intended Behavior

NPCs should give new robes every 5 level as usual.


I experienced it and i asked to other friar lvl 20'ish and it appears they had the same issue.


Issue was invalid:
invalid: Implemented: Must Hold old Robes for New
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