4532: Albion Dragon Golestandt Bugged

Reported by ☆ Mycology at Fri, 24 Nov 2017 18:48:30 UTC
gamemechanic bug


The Albion dragon, Golestandt, gets bugged in a flying loop where he flies out of his lair for approximately five seconds then resets, then flies out, which continues again and again indefinitely. Attempts to aggro him and reset him in the lair are unsuccessful. The Albion dragon has recently been buggy in a number of other ways and an overall investigation of his AI behavior would be helpful.

Reproduction Steps

1. Aggro Golestandt from the northeastern side of his lair
2. I'm not sure the specific conditions for his bugged behavior to occur, but it's very noticeable when he glitches

Intended Behavior

When engaging Golestandt he should not be bugged in a fly loop. There should be consistent mechanics again all three realms that allow players to kill their respective dragons unhindered. A bugged dragon on one realm and not others offsets access to template items and jeopardizes realm balance.



Pictures of the bugged behavior, images one and two demonstrate the constant fly loop he gets bugged in.


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