4524: Traveler's Way Sveawolf Prowler Skin

Reported by ☆ Halla at Wed, 15 Nov 2017 01:10:30 UTC
worldbuild bug


Just started doing my epic for Bonedancer, went over to Aud. to kill the Sveawolf Prowlers killed 3 for the pelts, only got 2 of them in my inventory and the quest proceeded to the next step for turn ins. I killed about 20 more to see if I could get another pelt but none dropped! I though I could just remove quest and restart but it will not allow me to remove the quest.

Reproduction Steps

1. Just kill Sveawolf Prowlers and see if you can get 3 pelts?

Intended Behavior

Not sure allow people to remove and restart quest if this happens.


Not sure if it is actually a bug or my quest might have just bugged out? Just wanted to say something I didn't see any other reports of this happening to people. Guess I got unlucky.


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