4522: Heart of the North (Golestandt drop) now has no proc

Reported by ☆ Linxhart at Sun, 12 Nov 2017 22:33:38 UTC
worldbuild bug


In: Issue 4187 "Heart of the North" it was stated it should have a DD proc.

But now it has nothing at all, no D/Q buff, and no DD proc.

Reproduction Steps

1. Look at item Heart of the North and Notice it has no proc
2. Look in issue 4187 and see it should have proc.

Intended Behavior

Give it DD proc as Gnome said it should have, refering to issue 4187.


See issue 4187, is best shown in that issue.

Gnome states the bow should not have D/Q buff, but DD proc. But this was never done.


Issue is a duplicate: #4187
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