4501: ROG items don't have charisma on them

Reported by ☆ Mycroft at Sun, 22 Oct 2017 16:05:42 UTC
worldbuild bug
9 votes


From all the ROG we've seen drop and from all of them in the market, there is never charisma on them. Midgard side

Reproduction Steps

1. check your ROG Drop Generator
2. check the stats allowed in Midgard
3. charisma is probably missing :p

Intended Behavior

Allow ROG to have charisma on them, as expected from any stats usable by a realm, all of them should be possible.


It is impossible that no ROG from the market has charisma, and we've farmed SH a bunch of days without seeing that on them.


issue has been assigned to Blue
priority: 9
12 players say this report is valid, 2 disagree


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