4486: Devs are a joke not all but most!

Reported by ☆ Ripbroski at Mon, 09 Oct 2017 07:37:23 UTC
gamemechanic bug


You guys need to look into your Devs some of you on a power trip! banning ppl out of lfg pulling ppl out of the relic when its being attack by more players then whats defending yet yank mids out when many albs are doing the same thing but you have not removed not 1 ?????????? wow just wow yet you guys DO NOTHING TO FIX THE REAL PROBLEMS! you call this 1.65 but you guys do what you wish this is not 1.65 stop telling its working as intended yet many mids RAs are broken but you guys do nothing working as intended but this is custom server you guys do as you wish you guys and im not saying all you but its getting old like do real dev stuff be fair this is getting old and many leave because 1 you guys are too lazy to fix issues or 2 you just cant yet i write appeals you guys wont reply to me are you deleting my appeal or ingoring me like im trying to help you guys fix this shard with appeals what appeals are for but you guys choice to respond with working as intended at 1.65 thats if you even respond 1/10 but we all know you guys do what you want and the petty shit is getting old many will leave when origins release becuase you guys chose to do what is best for you and yet to lazy or to dumb to fix issues and have Devs on power trips banning ppl for dumb stuff i see the same window draggers still playing yet ive appeal many times yet you guys DO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING same shit different day another issue you refuses to fix the mid dodens port yet still not fix like what are you guys doing?????? alot of the stuff is very simple but yet i see devs acting like 14 year old school girls on power trip please look INTO THIS ISSUE IT IS ONE THAT NEEDS ADDRESSED!and im sure many will agree i know server cant be 100% but dam atleast try stop giving me bullshit fix the shit !

Reproduction Steps

1. i think you guys got couple bad apples in the bunch game is awesome yet you refuse to fix issues that needs fixed too busy do dumb shit like i know im not the only 1 getting very very tired of this this is not 1.65 quit calling it this...this is custom shard and you choice to put kids in power that wont do the work but be fast on the draw for some dumb ass shit but when i appeal a issues i wait and wait and wait and yet nothing like really???? need to puck the weeds out of the garden!

Intended Behavior

Get ppl that want to actually want to make the game better for all realms not just working as intended in 1.65 (its not 1.65 or whatever you wish to call its its whatever you guys want to do like many things ive watch you changed) like wow just wow people that will respond and try to fix issues please!


watch your bad apples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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