4449: No SC Merchant in Dun Crauchon

Reported by ☆ Sarilla at Thu, 14 Sep 2017 05:31:45 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Your recent /changelog states that SC and Alc merchants, along with an alc table were added to crafting keeps. Upon inspection, only the alc merchant and the alc table were added. I checked all pages on every merchant to double check, too no avail or finding SC materials. I play for Hibernia.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go To Crauchon while your realm owns it.
2. Notice only Alc merchant, along with others merchants are present. No SC merchant or materials.
3. Cannot verify for other realms

Intended Behavior

Add SC merchant to Crauchon when Hib owns it. Or add SC mats to the existing Alc merchant. Aagain, i can only confirm for Hibernia.


/Changelog does not match current game function, in terms of merchant/mats availbility.


issue was resolved by Abydos
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