4422: Keep door repair - combat

Reported by ★ Simsing at Mon, 28 Aug 2017 12:19:01 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Able to repair keep doors while inside the keep, while door in combat from other realm.

Reproduction Steps

1. Be a solo Hib, hib owns Bledmeer Faste, repair doors from inside keep.
2. Full group of Mids roll up start attacking said keep & keep doors.
3. Be able to repair keep doors from inside the keep, preventing the Mids from damaging door enough to enter.

Intended Behavior

I would much rather the door be put in combat, and if hit it cancels the repair/upgrade. However, I would settle for making it impossible to repair keep doors from the inside, or above keep doors, and Necros being unable to repair while in shade form. Since I can not find evidence of when keep door combat existed.


These have been confirmed changes in 1.59:
- Keep door repair range has been modified (reduced). It is no longer possible to repair the outer door from within the keep, or vice-versa.

Version 1.48 Release Notes
- You should no longer be able to repair a keep door when in the room above the door.

Patch Notes: Version 1.60
- You can no longer upgrade a keep door while mezzed, paralyzed, or in shade mode


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