4410: Minstrel: Barguest&Padfoot should be Charmable (Fury Animal)

Reported by ★★ Kha at Wed, 23 Aug 2017 10:41:29 UTC
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On Uthgard 2.0 Barguest and Padfoot mob can't be charmed by Minstrels.
The charm attempts on Uthgard give this message :
-This spell does not charm this type of monster

This is not live-like.

Reproduction Steps

1. Notice Barguest and Padfoot are not charmable for minstrels on Uthgard.
2. Look at the Pendragon videos below : Barguest and Padfoot charmable // undead that are not Fury Animal not charmable
3. Notice that no patchnote mention any changes on those two mobs.
4. Conclude that Fury Animal override Undead type

Intended Behavior

Barguest and Padfoot were always charmable for Minstrels.
They still are today on live. (See videos below)

Barguest and Padfoot should be charmable by Minstrels on Uthgard


Look at the two videos, and notice no patchnote mention type changed on Barguest and Padfoot.

They are both classified as Undead familly. Minstrels can't charm undeads.
However they both are Fury Animal type.

As demonstrated there is an override on this specific combination of types.
"Undead, charmable = false, if armor class = furry animal, charmable = true"


issue was resolved by Genjiro
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