4409: Missing RP tick in keep defense (Caledonia)

Reported by ☆ Bombling at Tue, 22 Aug 2017 15:56:35 UTC
gamemechanic bug


While succesfully defending a keep (BG keep in this case - Caldonia) I have now twice encountered not being rewarded the defensive RP tick 60sec after a keep was defended, and being within keep-range. While standing next to groupmembers who gotten this rp tick.

Reproduction Steps

1. Be in keep range and succesfully defend a keep of enemy players
2. See if you are rewarded the rp defense tick 60sec after fighting has stopped.
3. compare with everyone else in who should be granted realmpoints to see if everyone gotten it

Intended Behavior

I honestly have no idea what could prevent some players from getting into this pool the realmpoints are getting shared amongst. if its the code not counting them in range or something i cant tell, but both times I have encountered this happening i have done an /appeal both times it happend but gotten no ingame respons.


According to patchnotes when the defensive-tick was implimented, should every player in keeprange should be granted this realmpoint reward. Not just a few randomly selected players.


Issue was invalid:
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