4407: Upgrading Keep Doors: Wood taken, Door upgrade fails

Reported by ☆ Telcontar at Tue, 22 Aug 2017 07:50:18 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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When upgrading keep doors, if you attempt to upgrade whilst having a stack of ironwood in your inventory that is less than the amount required for the upgrade. The game will steal your stack of wood, tell you that the door is upgrading and then deny all acknowledgement of the upgrade attempt having occurred

Reproduction Steps

1. If you have 200 ironwood in your inventory, separate out the ironwood so that there is a very small amount of ironwood in your first inventory space and the large remainder in your second slot. e.g. 5 ironwood 1st slow, 195 ironwood second slot
2. Attempt to upgrade the door from level x to x
3. Observe as the game acknowledges that the upgrade is starting
4. Observe that only 5 ironwood has been taken from your inventory and the 195 stack untouched
5. Click on the door and notice that the door is still at the same level as before and the upgrade has not occurred

Intended Behavior

When performing a door upgrade, the upgrade function should attempt to pull the required amount of wood from the entire inventory in the same fashion as a door repair does.


If door repairs work properly by taking the required amount of ironwood, upgrades should work in the exact same fashion.


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