4406: Necromancer´s realm abilits

Reported by ☆☆☆ Cariyuri at Mon, 21 Aug 2017 14:29:58 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Purge and Mastery of Concentration dos not work on a necromancer. when use purge it purge the shade and shade is imu to everything so pointless if not working on its pet same fore Mastery of Concentration only works on the shade and the shade have nothing but instant spells so pointless again this is very bad for a necromancer that it cant purge CC as every orter class can.

Reproduction Steps

1.make so Purge works on pet as it shut
2.make so Mastery of Concentration works on pet as it shut

Intended Behavior

necromancer cant do anything whitout its pet every stat is transfer to the necro pet so RA´s shut be transfer to the pet orterwise to of the most importent RA´s in rvr useless on necromancer is that fair?????


its work on live and so it shut here as it is not necromancer is nerfed so much it can bare do rvr why only 1% off all necromancer do rvr because of this bug


Issue is a duplicate: #dupe
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