4403: GM Broadcast window is empty in Housing Zone

Reported by ★★ Inkognito at Sun, 20 Aug 2017 17:07:59 UTC
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This was today the 2. time i notice, that i get an empty window from the broadcast Message Window when i was online in the Midgard Housing. I had no trouble with the messages, when i was in Svasud Faste (Blues announcement for the xp event e.g.)

but the last 2 from Alycon + Abydos was empty for me, when i was in my House

i have no idea what this causes, but for sure i should not get only an empty window

Reproduction Steps

1. take a char to housing zone
2. make a broadcast msg from irc
3. check your window

Intended Behavior

make sure the broadcast window is filled with the message in all zones, or tell me what i need to change to get it in hz too ;)


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